Come explore the sky with us and make the Alps your playground. It's incredible to feel the Alps becoming smaller and smaller as you expand your flying territory.

This session will train you to fly comfortably and systematically over longer distances with 5 different levels:

Beginner XC A-B,
Intermediate XC A-B-C.

We require participants to have completed at least one SIV course within the past two years.

Flying sites around Annecy in Savoie, Haute-Savoie. Depending on the weather, the session may take place in other flying areas.


  • Complete paragliding gear suitable for your level (with reserve parachute repacked within the last 6 months).
  • Reliable and charged VHF radio with quality sound (remote triggering and integrated system in the helmet). Possibility to rent a radio for €10/day.
  • Flight instruments (vario, GPS). Possibility to rent a GPS for €15/day.
  • Liquid pack.
  • Charged smartphone with Whatsapp and Sportstracklive installed.


In the morning, there will be a weather briefing, equipment check (harness, accelerator, reserve parachute), flight plan, and setting of flight objectives.

Transfer to the flying zone.
The final flight plan adjustment will be made at the launch site. You can focus on your flight without worrying about retrieval. The GPS tracking system will allow real-time monitoring of pilot positions.

After the flight, there will be a debriefing with a flight analysis on a 3D map to set the next objectives and provide training suggestions.

Before the session

Get a good night's sleep to recharge your physiological batteries for long flights.
Bring meals and water (>2 liters) for the session. It will be possible to purchase food during the day.
Dress warmly to adapt to rapid temperature changes throughout the day.

Meeting location:

Airlinks Doussard.

1 pilote 900 € / jour
2 pilotes 450 € / jour
3 pilotes 300 € / jour
4 pilotes 250 € / jour
5 pilotes 220 € / jour
6 pilotes 200 € / jour
6 stagiaires maximum

XC Paragliding levels

I've hardly ever flown cross-country, but I can take off and land by myself.
I haven't done XC for a long time and I don't feel confident flying alone.
I'm blocked by the trauma of an accident or incident, but I want to fly.

I have participated in XC training courses and have flown off-site several times on my own.
I lack confidence in deciding on a flying site or a safe flying route by myself.
I have done a lot of light XC flying if it's a site I know, but I'm unsure about unfamiliar sites.

I can design my own flying site and flight plan based on the conditions.
I take an SIV course at least once every two years.
I can take off and land in any conditions (safe flying conditions).
I can land in conditions that are not suitable for me, even if other pilots continue their flight.
I can transfer my IGC GPS flight track to someone else on my mobile phone.
I can fly with a small group of people.
I fly while understanding the international flight rules.
I understand the Venturi effect and wind gradients.

All elements of Intermediate A have been completed.
I can safely fly in highly congested areas.
I have safely executed many flight plans of over 5 hours that I planned myself.
I take an SIV course every year.
I can analyze weather forecasts for flights.
I can work with the speed bar/accelerator.
I can notice unexpected changes in conditions during the flight.

All elements of Intermediate A and B have been completed.
I have a flight routine.
When I go to an unfamiliar region, I gather information about the area's characteristics, establish a flight plan, and fly.
I am confident in piloting my wing, even in slightly stronger conditions.
I can perform my own flight analysis.