The SIV training session takes place in Doussard, in a secure area of Lake Annecy dedicated to this type of paragliding learning.
We require pilots to be autonomous in takeoff and landing, even without wind.


You should bring:

  • A wing in good condition.
  • If you fly a two-line paraglider, make sure you have prior experience with full stalls and asymmetric collapses. Otherwise, bring a 3-line paraglider for training.
  • Harness.
  • Reserve parachute (packed within the last 6 months).
  • Certified paragliding helmet and gloves.
  • Reliable and charged radio. Possibility to rent a radio for €10/day.
  • A minimum 16GB Class 10 SD card or USB 3.0 drive for video recording of flights.
We provide:

  • A compatible Kenwood, Yeasu, or Icom earpiece.
  • A flotation device for rescue pod.
  • A life jacket.
  • A waterproof bag.

SIV Training Supervision

  • Seiko for radio guidance and coaching.
  • Richard for takeoff.
  • Nico with the camera.
  • Isa in the safety boat.

SIV Training Description

The meeting time is usually set for 8:00 a.m. to:
Check the proper functioning of your equipment.
Provide safety instructions, briefing, and individualized program and exercises.

We aim to make the most of the day based on the weather conditions and your level of fatigue, allowing for 2 to 3 flights per day.
Each flight is followed by a landing analysis to prepare for the next flight.
The day concludes with a video debriefing of each pilot's flights to prepare for the next day.

Meeting location: Airlinks Doussard.

230 € / day / pilot
1760 € / day for an existing group of max 8 pilots