SIV Courses

Paragliding handling above water

Paragliding SIV Courses

Why an SIV courses? Just because it is a true opportunity whatever is your level and experience to improve your skills!

It is all about learning tool, testing them in several situation to make sure you will be efficient when needs. SIV is really usefull for your progress.

We aim to have pilot getting better and better. SIV is one of the way we use to make it happen!

Details SIV courses


SIV courses takes place in Doussard, in the south part of Annecy lake, in a safety area which is dedicated for it.


All pilot needs to be able to manage to proceed to take off and landing without help of the instructor.


Come with:

  • your wing
  • your harness
  • your rescue packed since 6 month at least.
  • homologated helmet for paragliding
  • radio ready to use
  • 16 GoSD card class 10 or  ou USB key 3.0 for the video

We provide:

  • headset for Kenwood or Icom,
  • foam for your pod,
  • lifejacket,
  • waterproof bag.


    • Seiko is the coach
    • Charles takes care of you on take off
    • 1 cameraman
    • 1 driver in the boat

Course description

Meeting at 8:00:

  • to check your equipment,
  • to give you the safety material and instructions for the day,
  • for the briefing and organize your individual program and exercices.

We propose to use the daily potential regardings the aerology and your tiredness to make from 2 to 4 flights a day.

Each flight is followed at the landing by a debriefing of your flight to prepare the next one.

Day ends up with a video debriefing of the flight so we could go further the next day.

SIV course cost

200 € / day / pilot

1400 € / day for a group registration of 8 pilot

Meeting: Airlinks Doussard, contact us !


Planning SIV courses