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Our private paragliding courses

Private paragliding courses

You are looking for private flight course, one to one or in a small group. This is the program for you.

Charles and Seiko will take a private care on your flight lessons, on all levels of flight techniques.

Not only the live instruction during the flight training, we will use video recordings during the course to verify and correct your detailed flight techniques and suggest the improving methods.


Private course description

Morning – weather briefing, pilot level verification, flight target definition, any eventual problem identification at Airlinks Doussard.

Paragliding flight equipment check with instructor will follow including safety material such as rescue parachute.  Then head to the flight area.

At the take off during the flight briefing, you will re-check the flight map and targets.

During your flight, we will film you with our specific flight camera.

In the air the instructor will be close to you to verify your flight.

After the flight, there will be debriefing which includes your flight check with recorded video, flight analysis on the 3D mapping records, next objective and training methods decisions.

A typical day course starts at 8 A.M. and finishes by 6 P.M, however it may be affected by the weather conditions.


Around Annecy flying area, depending on the weather condition and pilot skill level.

Other location may be possible.  Just ask to us.


Pilots of all levels who are equipped with their own complete paragliding flight equipments of his/her level.

Required materials

Full paraglide equipments (with rescue parachute).  VHF radio with good sound level (hand held microphone and head-sets), flight instruments (vario meter, GPS).

Prior to the paragliding course

A good night sleep.  Lunch and water (>2 litres) for a full day training.  It is possible to buy lunch during the day.  Warm outfits adjustable to quick temperature change during the day.


1 to 3 pilot = 900 € / day

1 coach, 1 driver with car

Meeting point : Airlinks Doussard (Lac d’Annecy).

Languages : English, French, Japanese

Check our planning there

Paragliding private course planning