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Paragliding competition training

You plan to take part in paragliding competitions or may be already competing.  The results are not as you wish.  Won’t you fly high and far with Seiko who flies with her feelings and Charles who flies with his theories?  We want to share our experiences of how we built our unbreakable ladders to reach the high sky.

We warn you that you will be hooked to the competitions and won’t be able to stop after this course.


Paragliding course description

Morning – briefing at Arlinks Doussard on weather, pilot skill level, any eventual problems, flight goal definition.  Material check (harness setting, rescue parachute verification, etc.).  Upload waypoints into GPS.  Transfer to the flight area.

At take off, the flight plan will be announced.  Set GPS according to the announced flight plan, verify flight path on the map, and discuss the task details.

Take off at the gate opening.  Two instructor will follow you to guide you with detail flight skills.

After the flight, your instructor will analyze your flight skills and understand next steps.

2 instructor will be in charge of 6 trainees maximum. The curriculum will be from 9 AM to 7 PM.

Pilots mastering thermal altitude gains and able to fly over 50 km on his/her own (if you are not confident, we recommend the XC beginner course first). Minimum eye sights : > 20/25, 6/7.5, 0.8.


Based in Annecy, depending on the weather condition and pilot skill level.

Other location may be possible.  Please ask to us.


Full paraglide equipments (with rescue parachute).  VHF radio with good sound level (hand held microphone and head-sets), flight instruments (vario meter, GPS).  Flight toilet system, liquid pack.

Live tracking system (Delorme, SPOT).

Prior to course
A good night sleep.  Need to charge your biological battery for long flights.  Lunch and water (>2 litres) for a full day training.  It is possible to buy lunch during the day.

Warm outfits adjustable to quick temperature change during the day.

Paragliding competition course cost

Price per day: 1200 € / group / day .

Meeting point: Airlinks Doussard


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