A tandem fly to improve your skills

XC paragliding tandem courses

This course has a very large advantage to learn the XC skill by flying tandem with an instructor. You have already been practicing XC flight and now you can confirm your flight skills by exchanging live conversations during this tandem XC flight with your instructor pilots. You will identify your improvement possibilities by observing your tandem instructor pilot flights.

You have already been attempting XC flights but with many question marks… why do you land before everyone? You don’t know how to fly as you wish? There is an invisible wall that you can’t fly over? Sometime you lose all your confidence in the air? You got to the top of the thermal with altitude, but you don’t know which direction to fly… if you recognize any of these questions, this course if for you.

It is important to know your missing skills and understand how to work around them. Let’s work together to find a way to high level cross country pilot !


Course description

The course is approximately 4 hours (between 10 AM to 18 AM).

There will be a counseling session before the flight with your paragliding instructor to define the flight plan matching your skill, desire, and improvement points.

If you have any particular wishes, please indicate them to your instructor then.

Because it is a tandem flight, you will be able to understand the flight technique much easily than solo flight.

After the flight, your paragliding instructor will analyze your flight skills and understand next steps. The flight time will be over 1.5 hours.


Flight area around Annecy, in Haute Savoie or Savoie.  Depending on the weather condition, the course can take a place in other locations.


All pilots.


Helmet, flight instruments (GPS, Vario), gloves.

Prior to course

For pilot used to fly with cocoon harness, make sure that you have a warm pair of pants as a passenger.

Paragliding cross tandem cost

Price : 300 €

Meeting point : Airlinks Doussard or landing near by.


Planning cross tandems flights