Paragliding XC course

2 coachs, 6 pilots !

Paragliding cross country flight

Let’s explore with your paraglide and make the Alpine mountains to be your garden with us. It is wonderful to feel the French Alps becoming smaller and smaller as you expand your flight area.

This paragliding xc course will train you to fly your cross country (XC) flight more comfortably and structured in 4 different levels of curriculums: XC beginner, XC intermediate, XC confirmed, and XC high level.

All of 4 courses will be accompanied by two instructors pilots, one in front and other in the back during the flight. You do not have to worry about other pilots (or yourself) getting behind so that you can concentrate on your flight skill improvement.

XC course details

XC course place

Flight area around Annecy, in Haute Savoie or Savoie.

Depending on the weather condition, the course can take place in other locations.


Beginner XC: curriculum for paragliders pilots who mostly fly in one flight area or flight distance less than 50 km.

Intermediate XC:  curriculum for pilots who enjoy flights regularly every year and have experiences of 50 to 100 km of cross country flights.

Confirmed XC: curriculum for pilots who fly very regularly every year having experiences over 100 km of cross country flights, and looking for additional cross country skills to extend the flight distance.

High level XC:  curriculum for pilots whose wishes are to join us for the distance records and speed.  Let’s break the 300 km wall with us !


Full paraglide equipments (with rescue parachute).

VHF radio with good sound level (hand held microphone and head-sets), flight instruments (vario meter, GPS).  Flight toilet system, liquid pack.

For XC confirmed and XC high level, GPS live tracking system (Delorme, SPOT) required.

aParagliding XC course description

Morning – weather briefing, material check (harness, acceleration set-up, rescue parachute verification), flight plan and purpose defining.  Transfer to the flight area.  At the take off, after re-adjustment of  the final flight plan and verification we will take off.  During the flight, students will be accompanied by two instructor pilots, one in front and other in the back.  You do not have to worry about other pilots (or yourself) getting behind so that you can concentrate on your flight skill improvement.  Live tracking system will survey all pilots’ locations in real time via internet.

After the flight, there will be debriefing which includes your flight analysis on the 3D mapping, next objective and training methods decisions.

Prior to XC course

A good night sleep.  Need to charge your biological battery for long flights.  Lunch and water (>2 litres) for a full day training.  It is possible to buy lunch during the day. Warm outfits adjustable to quick temperature change during the day.


4 pilot = 1000 € (250 € / day / pilot ) – for group

5 pilot = 1100 € (220 € / day / pilot ) – for group

6 pilot = 190 € / day / pilot – solo pilot or group

2 coach in the air, 6 student max.

Meeting point: Airlinks Doussard, contact us !

Language: English, French


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