Paragliding duo experience

Handling paragliding tandem clinic

You hesitate taking SIV course.  You have taken SIV course, but did not quite understand how to master the pitch or rolling movement, or you are scared of spiral.

Then this is a course for you to learn and understand the paraglider behavior in accidental situation on the tandem flight with your instructor.

Your instructor will correct your incorrect reactions on glider manipulation in the air.


Course description

First we will have questions and answers with discussions to define the glider manipulation items.

Then transfer to the take off point.

A typical program will be a successive glider manipulation of a flight pitching with tandem glider, introduce rolling movement and how to stop it, a quick exit method from spiral, a deep spiral entering and exiting method, collapse, cravat avoiding method practice.

The trainee pilot will initiate the manipulation with instructor correcting any incorrect reactions in real time.

After the flight, the instructor will review the trainee pilot’s manipulations, define the goal for next flights and associated practice methods.


Over Annecy lake


All pilot levels


Helmet, gloves.

Prior to course

For pilot used to fly with cocoon harness, make sure that you have a warm pair of pants as a passenger.

Handling paragliding tandem cost

Price : 250 €

Meeting point: Airlinks Doussard or landing Doussard.

The flight time will be approximately 45 minutes.


Planning handling tandem flights