Charles, Seiko.

The same goal.

It’s just the beginning!


Our biggest flight!

Yes, without landing!


Already done!

More to come!


Our fastest speed

flying backwards!


Our next goal!

We are greedy!

Airlinks Quest, kezako?

Airlinks Quest’s goal is to push our limit and set new world record!

Both french team member, world champion, we became partner for our flying project! After 3 years, we already set 17 records!

Our mission is to train ourself to be ready to break speed and distance world record. We should train to improve our concentration, choice, handling, endurance and patience to be able to fly more than 10 hours, reach 100 km/h ground speed, flying over 4000 m high!

During our 2015 expedition in Australia, we set 4 new world record with a daily story post on the web for our followers.

Now, this adventure will continue around the world to explore new place, share our passion and achieve great performance!

Out of 18 possible world record in each category (woman, overall, tandem), Seiko did 14 of them which is already a record itself in the air sport history. Charles did 3 as well.

Paragliding is a non motorized air sport using as energy the sun and the wind. Sun provides thermal activity to make climb possible.

Icare myth, ecology, dream are link to our sport.

  • Speed record

We have to prepare a really precise task to make this kind of record and prepare the route. Then, it needs to wait for the best weather , take off and fly as fast as possible on this task!

  • Distance record

Fixed goal needs to be declared before take off. Free distance just needs to fly as far as possible!

  • Altitude record

For this one, we need the biggest altitude difference between the lowest and the highest point of our flight.

Paragliding energy efficiency is amazing.  Our daily calorie intake is approximately 2800 kcal, while 1 litre of gasoline contains 8400 kcal.  If you do 400 km of flight in one day, it is equivalent to 0.3 L of gasoline energy consumption, or 0,08 L per 100 km.  Our goal is to lower this fuel consumption down to 0.05 L per 100 km.   This translates to fly 1800 km with equivalent of 1 L of gas, or 600 km in one day flight distance.

You want to support us, contact us!

Record attempt!

Discover each of our previous adventure and performance set around the world

Our world record

Find below all our best performance.
What will be the next?

Our quest is still on! Chasing for more records around the world!

km , Woman World Record , Ozone Enzo 3

09/10/2019, Seiko set a new record distance to a declared goal in Brazil. An amazing flight in the Ceara.

km , Woman World Record , Ozone Enzo 3

30/11/2018, Seiko set a new declared distance up to 3 turnpoints. A great flight with the Enzo 3!

km, World Record, Ozone Enzo 3

30/11/2018. Double record! As Seiko’s record is an overall record too, flying a declared distance around 3 turn points.

km , Woman World Record , Ozone Zeno

08/12/2016, Seiko set a new free distance up to 3 turnpoints. A great flight with the Zeno!

476,5 km
km, World Record , Ozone Enzo 2

16/12/2015, Charles broke the free distance up to 3 turnpoint from Deniliquin – Australia.

km , Woman World Record , Ozone Enzo 2

14/12/2015, Seiko set the free distance up to 3 turnpoints from Deniliquin, Australia.

402 km
km , Woman World Record , Ozone Enzo 2

On 9/12/2015, after a start from Birchip, Seiko is the 1 st ever woman to fly to the 400 km free distance mark.

366 km
km , Woman World Record , Ozone Enzo 2

9/12/2015 from Birchip Australia, Seiko reached the fixed goal distance and continued further for an other world record!

km/h , Woman World Record , Ozone Enzo 2

21/07/2015, Seiko took off in the Aravis and broke the woman world record on a 200 km speed out and return with 30,97 km/h.

km/h , Woman World Record , Ozone R12

5/05/2014, 30,59 km/h average speed, Seiko set a new speed world record on a 100 km FAI triangle.

km/h , Two in a row , Ozone R12

1/05/2014, Seiko set both woman and overall speed world record around a 150 km FAI triangle with 32,68 km/h.

km/h , Woman World Record , Ozone R12

12/04/2014, Seiko flew over Aravis and took the 100 km speed out and return speed world record with 31 km/h.

km/h , Woman World Record , Ozone R12

11/04/2014, Seiko took off from Talloires and broke the 25 km FAI triangle world record at 42 km/h !

km/h , Woman World Record , Ozone R12

28/03/2014, Seiko flying 34,69 km/h set her 1st world record on 50 km FAI triangle.

km/h , World Record , Ozone R10

20/04/2010, Charles took off in Banchet and broke his own world record on a 25 km FAI triangle at 46,8 km/h.

km/h , World Record

26/07/2006, Charles took off in Saint Hilaire and closed the 50 km FAI triangle world record at 36,07 km/h.